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Selection of the type of mounting should be based on the kind of surface and the degree of permanence required. If in doubt, please contact Mohawk.

Mechanical Mounting – MM Vinyl Tape Mounting – VTM Silastic Adhesive Mounting – SAM
Mechanical Mounting – MM
Combination sheet metal-wood screws, full threaded.
Head styles: Pan head; torx and driver; Phillips oval head and Phillips round head screws. Supplied as an extra. All signs over 8" x 8" are required to have mechanical mounting to be eligible for warrantee.
Vinyl Tape Mounting – VTM
Scotchmount, double-faced 1/32" thickness. Recommended for smooth, non-porous surfaces. Vinyl tape is not suggested for rough or vinyl-covered surfaces and signs over
8" x 8".
Silastic Adhesive Mounting – SAM
Silastic adhesive is suitable for most surfaces including smooth, irregular, porous or vinyl covered. Vinyl foam tape is supplied to hold the sign in place until the silastic has fully cured. Supplied as an extra. Maximum sign size - 8" x 8"

Presslock – PLM Dimensional Mounting – DM Magnetic Tape Mounting - MTM
Presslock – PLM
Presslock mounting is ideal for changeable directories and frame inserts. The 1/16" low profile and 1/8" "snap hooks" are applied to the back of the sign. Considered more durable and secure than the conventional Velcro mounting. Supplied as an extra.
Dimensional Mounting – DM
A 1/8" or 1/4" thick backer is furnished where dimension is required or where irregular and difficult surfaces exist. The backer is furnished with concealed holes and screws and the face plate is supplied with VTM or SAM. Please specify interior or exterior. Supplied as an extra.
Magnetic Tape Mounting - MTM
The 1/16" magnetic tape is mounted to the back of the sign where interchangeability is required from steel surfaces. Mohawk can also provide a thin-steel plate with adhesive tape. Supplied as extra. Maximum sign size -
8" x 8".
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