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Mohawk 1000 ADA System

Mohawk 1000 ADA system is a set of signs typically used in building signage. Your design needs - sizes, shapes, letterform and color - can be incorporated in a Mohawk 1000 standard package. This custom Grade 2 braille signage system meets ADA, ANSI-A117.1, HEW OSHA and VA requirements. Our Sand Carved® process produces one of the most durable signs in the industry.

M1000 Restroom Sign 8"x6" M1000 Room Name 8"x8" M1000 Stair Access Sign 12"x12"


2 3
M1000 Room Name and Number 6"x6" M1000-M308A Changeable Message Slot 6"x6" M1000-M310B Changeable Window Plaque 6"x6"
M1000 Directional Plaque 6"x6" M1000-M308B Changeable Message Slot 6"x6" M1000-M310A Changeable Window Plaque 6"x6"
M1000 Elevator Jamb ID 2"x2" M1000 F.I.S.H. Number 1.5"x5" M1000 Framed Nameplate w/Desktop Holder 2"x9"
M1000 Room Number 3"x3"
M1000 CA Title 24 Restroom 12" M1000 Room Name 3"x8" M1000 Exterior Handicap Parking Sign (Series 400 Vinyl Applied to Aluminum) 20"x16"

Mohawk 2000 Arch System

Mohawk 1000 can be expanded upon by adding an arch design and/or a customized logo. Mohawk's Sand Carved® process creates a permanency of your logo as the design becomes an intrinsic part of the sign material. Contact Mohawk for art requirements. In addition, the arch dimension can be altered for your plan needs.

M2000 Room Number 3"x6"
M2000 Directory Plaque 14-3/4"x18" M2000 Symbol Sign (Any International symbol) 8"x8" M2000 Number Plaque 3"x8"
M2000 Room Name and Number 8"x8" M2000 Restroom Sign 8"x8" M2000 Wing and Number Plaque 6"x6"
M2000-M310A Changeable Window Plaque 8"x8" M2000-M308B Changeable Message Slot 8"x8" M2000 Alternating Message Plaque (In/Out) 8"x8" Slider

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