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Frame Series

Mohawk Signs

Mohawk Signs

Design: M203-8KPMR
Plastic Frame & Lens
Size: 8" x 8"
Clear Lens: 5 1/2" x 8"
Insert Copy: Series 400
Logo by Mohawk
Design: M203
Black Aluminum Frame
Series 200A ADA Topper
  with raised accent line
Series 300 Subsurface
  restroom symbols
Design: M-203 Premier
Polished Beveled Gold Frame
Size: 8" x 8"
Logo by Client

Mohawk's frame series are manufactured from a continuous piece of extruded aluminum angle 1/16" thick by 1/2" deep. The frame has square corners and a 1/8" back up plate. The insert is separated from the frame with a 3/32" black reveal.

Standard frame finish is satin clear anodized, and will be supplied unless otherwise specified. Other finishes available are: Satin Gold, Black Anodized, Duranodic Dark Bronze, Polished Gold and Silver.

Additionally frames can be custom painted for an added charge. See Mohawk Standard color selection.

Standard frame mounting attachment is 1/32" Scotchmount adhesive tape and will be supplied unless otherwise specified. Concealed mounting holes are recommended for larger than 8" x 8" frames.

Mohawk will also custom make any aluminum frame sign to your detailed specifications on special order.

The frame series is available in two types of sign insert frame construction.

  • Permanent sign insert frame construction utilizes Scotchmount foam tape to fasten the sign insert into the frame. This method is standard and will be supplied unless otherwise specified.
  • Removable sign insert frame construction utilizes Presslock to fasten the sign insert into the frame. This method allows the sign insert to be easily removed and interchanged. The two types of insert construction are shown below.

Mohawk's frame series are also available in a 3/8" radius corner. To specify radius corner frames add the letter "R" after the design number. Example: M-202-9R.

Mohawk now has available plastic molded frames made from high impact styrene. Recommended for interior use only, the frame can be mounted with VTM, or concealed holes and screws. The frames are available in six matte colors: Almond, Pearl Gray, Brown, Dark Bronze, Black and White. The frames are available in a square format or with 3/8" radius corners. The outside depth is 1/2" and walls are 1/8". Sizes available are indicated below with an asterisk*. To specify plastic molded frames add the letters "PM" after the design number. Example: M-201-9PM.

Curved Series



Mohawk Curved Frame Series
Satin Frame with plastic black end caps
Frame Size: 150 x 200
Color: 492 Mauve, 177 Heather Rose
Logo by client
Mohawk Curved Frame Series
Satin Frame with metal brushed silver end caps
Frame Size: 600 x 400mm
   Module with Braille
Letterform: Universe
Color: Paint on Paint 402
   Lavender, 114 Purple
Visual Representation of Curvature

Adding a new element of style to your ADA system, a Curved Series metal frame is certain to capture attention. Signage made of MP material is inserted into curved frames with or without ADA compliant Grade 2 braille. The frames come in satin and black and have a variety of cap colors. Other size curved frames are available. Contact Mohawk Sign Systems for specific inquiries.

How to specify Mohawk Frame Series*:

  • Graphic Process
  • Design Number
  • Frame Finish
  • Insert Color Number
  • Letterform
  • Insert Mounting
  • Frame Mounting
  • Interior Use
  • Exterior Use

*See item 2.04 in the specifications sheet.

Measurement Aids

Securing a sign into a frame can be either tape or presslock mounting depending on whether seeking a permanent or removable mount. Fastening an aluminum or plastic frame to a wall can either be via mechanical or tape mounting.
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