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Additional Options:

Window Plaques




Design: M310A Custom
    Window Custom Shapes
Size: 9 3/4" x 9 3/4" 2"
    Window Opening with
    Thumb Slot
Custom Paint on Paint: 117
    Dark Blue, 220 Almond

Design: M310B Window   Plaque
Size: 7" x 6", 3/4" windows
Lexan Inserts: Series 400
Color: 107 Red
Artwork by Mohawk
Design: M310A Window
Size: 6" x 8", 1" window
Lexan Insert: Series 400
Color: 116 Blue
School logo by client

Window plaque signs are an excellent way to identify personnel, job function or room occupants using a changeable insert. The slide message inserts can be manufactured with Series 100 engraved or Series 400 vinyl applied lettering. Insert materials can be 1/16" ES plastic or .015 vinyl. Custom sizes and various letterforms are available as long as a 1/2" space is maintained between the windows. Standard copy color is White or Black. In addition, Mohawk offers software to produce your own professional quality paper inserts and
perforated paper custom fitted for your large volume signage order.

Mohawk Sign Systems can provide your organization with the software to produce your own professional quality paper inserts for our window signage systems. Along with the software, we can also provide you perforated paper custom fitted for your large volume signage needs. Contact Mohawk for a list of available paper colors and sizes.

Window Slots



Design: M-308C Changeable
    Message Slot
Size: 16" x 20", 1 1/2" slot
Letterform: Helvetice
Color: 196 Burgundy Custom
    Client Logo
Design: M-308B Changeable
    Message Slot
Size: 8" x 6" Custom Shape
Letterform: Helvetice Medium
    Regular Slant
Color: 114 Purple Custom
    Gold border Custom Vinyl
Design: M308B Changeable
  Message Slot
Size: 8" x 10", 1" slot
Letterform: Optima
1/2" raised border
Color: 709 Blue Jay

Mohawk's ability to mill slots into 1/8" or thicker material creates a cavity within the sign for a window detailing a room's function or occupants. The number of slots can vary as well as the slots' height and width as shown. The slots can be open or closed with open slots being Mohawk's standard.

As with all Mohawk products, window slots can be custom designed using various material sizes, shapes, letterforms, colors and insert material such as Lexan, ES plastic or even perforated paper. Design parameters need to follow as described in the section below for cardholders.

Combination Plaques & Cardholders

Combniation Plaques & Cardholders

Combination Plaques & Cardholders

Combination Plaques & Cardholders
Design: CO-8
Cardholder: 3" x 8"
Opening: 1" x 2"
Color: 185 Bittersweet
Design: CO-4
Cardholder: 4" x 4"
Openings: 1/2" x 3"
Color: Heather Rose
Design: CO-2
Business Cardholder
Size: 3" x 8"
Color: Marsala Red

Continuing change of persons or departments is the only requirement of the combination room number and card holder. Whether it be apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., the combination room number and card holder provides the ability to change the insert easily and as often as required. In addition to the combination card holders shown here, your custom design may also be reproduced.

Card holder design and specification information:

  1. Card opening may be any size or in any position on the sign with a minimum of 1/2" space between opening and edge of sign. The use of two or more openings can be accommodated with 1/2" minimum between openings.
  2. Insert may be removed from top, left or right positions. Card opening may be supplied without removal slot to insure against theft or modification of insert. Supplied with RH Phillips screws for insert changing. Specify ”Closed” slot.
  3. Any color of 1/16" ES Plastic may be engraved and supplied as inserts when requested.
  4. A Lexan insert with vinyl applied Series 400 letters can also be used for inserts.
  5. When mounting on rough surfaces such as brick, etc., specify back-up plates.
  6. Refer to Letterform and Color selections.

Alternating Message Plaques

Alternating Message Plaques
Alternating Message Plaques
Series 300 Subsurface
Alternating Message Plaque
  with event insert window
Design: M200
Custom Shape with
Alternating Message & event   insert window
Color: 121 Brown
Design: M203-3SLR
Alternating Message Plaque
Radius Satin Aluminum Frame

Highly specified, Mohawk's alternating message plaques allow for room identification as well as occupancy. Made using the Series 200A Sand Carved® process, the front plate can be sandblasted with room numbers, room identification, logos and Grade 2 Braille. A 1/16" mounted backer plate holds the slider within the milled window. The window can be as large or small as necessary to fit custom slider text. These alternating message plaques can be used with Mohawk's arched series, aluminum and plastic frames and in combination with Series 300 to create a truly unique and functional room sign.

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